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Thanks for stopping by Taralyn Health! I am super excited to introduce myself. My name is Tara DiTocco, and I am a holistic wellness practitioner and holistic lifestyle coach who specializes in educating others on the importance of cellular health and weight loss. After overcoming my own health crisis, I have freed myself from chronic inflammation, high C-RP levels, and balanced both my weight and hormones. Bye-Bye yo yo and fad diets! You could say I was a serial dieter at one time in my life. I've done them ALL! Its when I learned how to nuture my body as a whole, fueling my cells with whole food nutrition and taking a holistic approach, that I began to heal.  When our cells are nourished properly they function at optimal capacity which in turn makes our energy vibrate at a higher frequency. We are happier, healthier, and have tons of energy. Who doesn't want that? Allow me to guide you on a journey to optimal health. Click on my services button below to check out my programs and see what fits your goals best. 

Love and health,

Tara DiTocco

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