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  My name is Tara DiTocco and I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. What does this mean? I use a holistic approach that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit when searching for optimal health. What we eat, how much we move and our thought process greatly impacts our overall health. I’m here to be your guide and cheerleader through the process. Whether you are looking to lose weight, exercise more, or needing some stress management, it is important to look at the body as a whole for best results and a lifestyle change that will last.

I’ve been studying health and nutrition for over 15 years.  I’ve had my own personal health struggles over the years that led me into this amazing field. I have spent the last 6 years studying as much as I could about holistic nutrition and getting to the root cause of health issues. Prior to having children, I was an avid gym rat and runner. I wore a bit of a chip on my shoulder judging those who didn’t’ take care of themselves. I couldn’t understand not having time, or being injured. I use to think that was just plain lazy! Boy, am I humbled now!  So let’s fast forward to the birth of my son in 2009 at age 34. I had to have a c-section that has created all kinds of issues for me.  As a result of the surgery, I had terrible muscle spasms and could no longer do a sit up without getting a major charley horse in my upper abdomen!  We them found a gallstone the size of a walnut. Yup, me the health nut with a giant nut size stone in my body.  With the guidance of a great Chiropractor, I chose not to lose my gallbladder and used diet and alternative remedies to save it. (Yes, I still have my gallbladder and I’m symptom free).  Now my neck injury will follow. This was the most challenging ailment that I have ever had to go through. I had a second child in 2013 at age 37 who I breastfed for 2 years through all of this. I was so debilitated from nerve damage, vertigo, pain, and depression. Here I was unable to work out. I felt sick, dizzy, and just plain awful. I have now become someone I most likely judged in the past. I am  an extremely social person, and I found myself not wanting to go anywhere in fear that I may run into someone I knew and worried they would look at me and think, “what happened to her?” I couldn’t wear a sign on my back that said, “ I’m injured, and can’t workout right now”, so I hid. I could have had surgery or gone on pain meds but I decided I was going to tackle this holistically as well.  I had so much inflammation in my body and was having all kinds of food sensitivities that led to leaky gut.  My hormones were nowhere near balanced and I was tested for MS and all other kinds of diseases.  Sometimes I really felt like I was falling down the rabbit hole.  As if my health wasn’t stressful enough, we found out that my son has Sensory Processing Disorder and possibly Autism. 

Having a baby and 5 year old at the time, I knew I had to climb out my hole and figure this out.  For my family and for myself, I got up. There was no time to fall.  So I started to study and take control of my health. I am now a CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Dr Sears LEAN Start Wellness Coach, Digestive Intensive Lab Graduate, a Certified Transformational Coach and plan to become board certified in holistic nutrition.   I am now in my 40's and feel like a completely different person.  Through proper nutrition and finding the right practitioners and doctors for me, I no longer have leaky gut, my inflammation is under control and I am well on my way to a consistent exercise routine again.  I also had to learn to be in the present moment. I had to let go of the past and focus on an attitude that I WILL heal from all of this.

   My son? He is amazing! Learning to read, so much more focused, has great social skills and continues to make progress everyday. I also took a holistic approach to his issues and he is thriving beyond all expectations. I want to help others do the same. To know the body wants to heal itself and can, if you provide the right fuel, get to root cause, and treat the whole body. 



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